• HBT5008C-5S
  • HBT5008C-5S

Roots Blower

Roots blower widely used in electricity, petroleum, steel industry, smelling, food,oxygen making, spinning, vacuum packing, paper making, aquaculture, sewage treatment, pneumatic conveying.

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Roots blower widely used in electricity,petroleum,steel industry,smelling,food,oxygen making,spinning,vacuum packing,paper making,aquaculture,sewage treatment,pneumatic conveying.Chinese Manufacurer Milling Equipment Roots Blower Air Blower

Roots blower is a lind of volumerteic blower whose air capacity and revolution have formed a proportion. Each rotation of the three-lobe type blower needs three times of air suction& discharge of two-lobes. Compared to two-lobe type blower, three lobe roots blower have the characteristics of low air pulsation changes, low burthen changes, high mechanical intensity low noise as wel as the low liberation.
It has two lobes on the two parallel bearings. There are small tiny spaces between lobes, elliptic casing as well as each lobe. he lobes' uniform speed rotation at opposite directions makes the certain quantity air circled by casing and lbes transported form the suction side to the dischage side.